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The Urban Tracker is a small and discreet device that has the ability to geo-localize whatever has value for you. That includes objects, pets, and loved ones.

It operates effectively in open air as well as in a closed environment where standard GPS devices are often behaving as blind pieces of hardware.

The location of the device is calculated using the mapping of visible network transmitters, using geolocation details available from public and private information sources. As mobile networks are visible in both indoor and outdoor environments, the Urban Tracker works in both cases.

Because the Urban Tracker does not need a GPS sensor, the dimension of the device is very small and it can be installed in a hidden position on almost any object; it fits easily also when complex shape and limited mounting space are an issue (e.g. the seat or seat-post of a bicycle).

Battery life is extraordinary long: the absence of a GPS sensor, together with smart power management strategies, keep the need for electrical power at very low levels. The effective operational time between battery recharges is a breakthrough compared to other devices.


With the mobile application you will be able to locate and trace the position of all your goods, even more than only one. Simply and quickly, with few taps on your mobile device.

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